We offer timely and safe AI acceleration for time-sensitve AI applications in the edge such as future AI-based process automation and autonomous vehicles.

What we Do

AI safety first!

According to a survey of PwC from the year 2019, 91% of all companies rate safety and transparency as important or very important in the AI transformation.

This is also reflected by new regulatory frameworks for AI, like the AIC4 and the EU AI Act, which are putting constraints on the providers of high-risk applications, like providing a proof for an adequate performance of their AI applications. An adequate performance is typically concerned with the completeness, correctness and coherence of the training and evaluation steps during the development of the AI models. It also covers all of the top-level safety processes plus data management, which is to make sure that the data being used is correct, complete and has no bias.

What is always being overlooked is that AI needs computer hardware, just as our ideas need a brain. For example, safety mechanisms must ensure the integrity of the hardware in order to prevent corruption of data, what for example can lead to wrong decisions of the AI.



On-Time AI decisions


Safe perfomance

R & D

Our technology builds on years of groundbreaking research at the Institute for Embedded Systems at the University of Siegen, which is very well known for its research in reliable real-time systems.


Our technology is powered by an FPGA which contains our safe AI inference technology providing guaranteed AI inference latency without any interference of other AI applications running at the same time on the accelerator.


We provide an end-to-end solution for developing your AI applications with Tensorflow, PyTorch and ONNX.

Process Automation

Good synchronization of manufacturing processes increases production and prevents downtime. However, to achieve good synchronization, the duration of processes and computer calculations must be as stable as possible. This is a particular challenge when using AI processes. With our guarantee of constant inference times, this is no longer a problem for our customers.

Success STORY

Funded by EXIST FT


With our innovative AI inference technology for safe and timely AI applications, we have successfully convinced the jury of the EXIST Transfer of Research programme in 2020. Currently we are heading for the first Minimal Viable Product and could again convince the the EXIST jury to be funded for the second phase of the EXIST FT programme. Further, we are nominee for the „Innovationspreis des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen 2022“ in the category „Innovation“


EXIST FT I in 2020 and EXIST II in 2022. USP: Timely and Safe AI Inference


Nominee of the „Innovationspreis des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen 2022“


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